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Nordic Icon Consulting Oy and Nordic Icon Group NG Oy, or NORDICON, as we call it by its marketing name, is a private independent group of companies providing real estate and business services.

Our main industries are real estate development and real estate consulting, our other industries are construction consulting, housing services, corporate reorganizations and corporate consulting. Store and location consulting as well as shopping center consulting are also a key part of our business. We also specialize in consulting and implementing the business needs of forwarding, transportation and logistics companies. We act as a consultant nationwide in the
shops and construction of complete arava and investment apartment buildings as well as various housing portfolios. We offer nationwide real estate consulting services as well as land use and construction expert services. We operate nationwide throughout Finland.

Nordic Icon Consulting Oy and Nordic Icon Group NG Oy have an average of 8-10 employees and all of our stuff have a long history in the real estate, construction, M&A and consulting sectors. Our company’s turnover in 2021 was approximately EUR 2.5 million and we are targeting strong growth and a turnover of approximately EUR 5-7 million for 2023-2025. Our growth is based on our own real estate development projects, which we are implementing nationwide together with our various partners.

Our nationwide experience and strength is particularly evident in the fact that our employees and team know the Finnish market situation in general and with it in all municipalities and regions. As described above, we operate across Finland and through our parent company also in the Baltic region. For our part, our customer relationship managers are in constant contact with all key
property owners, retailers looking for commercial premises and the most important 1000-2000 largest companies in Finland whose business needs we are constantly monitoring. Thanks to this, we are also in constant contact with the Finnish real estate market. We actively monitor and keep in touch with domestic and overseas property investors and the nervous Finnish real estate
market also in terms of investor trade. Thanks to our strong regional presence, our extensive network of provincial and local investors is also available to you together with major national institutional investors when looking for a buyer or investor for your property or development project.

Whether you are looking for an investment to buy or an investor to sell, we are at your disposal throughout Finland. We aim to ensure that, as our client, you receive all real estate services from one place, i.e. from us at Nordicon Group.

The solid experience of our team and partners, including from 20 to 35 years of work in key management positions in the field of real estate and construction, as well as an incredible number of successfully concluded transactions and completed projects in the field of commercial real estate, business consulting, development and construction, will provide a strong competence and
adequate reference base, which you can ensure the success of your project.

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