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NORDICON operates nationwide as a real estate developer, mainly building real estate development sites in various sectors throughout Finland through the balance sheets of its various partners (construction firms, users, investors) and through our various partners in the Baltics. Nordicon’s primary target group is shopping and business locations considering the space needs of different retail chains, shopping centers, Retail Park-type Home Center projects, i.e. Shopping parks and other business premises, logistics, production and storage facilities, as well as housing and office complexes in the largest provincial cities, as well as projects in the social services sector , which Nordicon will also invest in developing over the next few years. Nordicon also specializes in new hotel construction and renovation projects.

Our own organization works in real estate business in cooperation with various key consultants, premises brokers and provincial and national construction companies on a project-by-project basis. We also work closely with key domestic and foreign companies investing in business premises. Our project-specific partners also include domestic and foreign trade chains, provincial and local investors and other similar actors. We serve companies that need offices, as well as communities, cities and municipalities.

Nordico’s starting point is to acquire a plot of land or a property to be developed, make a project plan for it, acquire a user or users for the site, tender for the construction (unless the initial investor is a construction company operating as a partner) and sell the site to a user, builder or final investor. Simply put, Nordicon operates nationwide as an independent real estate developer, i.e. developer in the American way, i.e. with Nordicon’s know-how and financed by the initial investor, construction company, user or final investor.

Nordicon is the right partner when you need competitive business premises as a new site or developed from an old property for rent or realized for your own balance sheet. If you are a representative of a trade chain, forwarding, transport, logistics or production company, we will acquire, develop, sell and/or rent the business, logistics, production and storage facilities you need at a competitive and profitable price.

In housing, hotel and office projects and in the social security sector, we also offer competitive space options! In connection with the construction of new premises, we also take care of the sale or re-leasing of your old premises, we can also buy your old property for the balance sheet of our own partners. We also make sure that all your requirements and needs are taken into account in the project. And once again, we want to tell you that we can guarantee you a clearly cheaper rental price than the average market price in both new projects and development sites!


We go through all office space arrangements nationwide. No matter what kind of office space you need, we will make you an affordable offer for new office space to be built, either built on your company’s own balance sheet or at a very competitive rental price through the balance sheet of our construction company and/or investor partners.

We get to know our customer’s needs individually and fulfill your business needs
The long 25-35 years of experience of our personnel and our partners working with us in the network and the knowledge of the entire Finnish real estate stock and the real estate market guarantee the end result you want from your point of view! In recent years, our key personnel have been involved in the development and construction of the network of several key trade chains, in real estate development projects of various trade and business locations, Home Centers, logistics, production and storage facilities, and residential properties. The value of the construction projects implemented during the years 1999-2021 was more than 1 billion euros and the area of ​​the implemented projects was slightly more than 1,200,000 m2. The projects implemented by our team and satisfied customers as references speak for themselves. Ask our team members about our references!


  1. Nordicon searches for and acquires and reserves a plot of land or a “property blank” to be developed for real estate development.
  2. Nordicon commissions a preliminary land use plan and makes a project plan.
  3. Nordicon searches for and negotiates and acquires users of the real estate development site, i.e. tenants for the project.
  4. Nordicon acquires an initial investor, who acts as the financier of the initial phase of the project (purchase of the plot/blank and other initial costs of the project), tenders the builder, or if the project has been started together with the builder, Nordicon agrees on the construction so that the builder also acts as the buyer of the plot/blank of the real estate development project and as the initial investor, and with that also manages the initial financing. In some projects, the user can also be the initial and final investor of the project.
  5. The project’s investor is tendered and the project is sold to the final investor, who may also be the user of the object, but most often the final investor is a domestic or foreign real estate fund or other investor. This investor transaction usually takes place at the stage when the project plans are ready, the premises that are the subject of the project development have been leased, i.e. usually the object has been sold to the final investor even before the construction of the project has even started. Finally, the deal with the final investor is made when the entire project is finished.
  6. Nordicon is therefore the initiator of the projects, the real estate developer and the entity that “runs” the project together on behalf of the builder, investor or user.

The projects are therefore implemented in the so-called ‘according to the American model’, i.e. project development is carried out with Nordicon’s know-how and the funds of the builder, investor or user.