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Our M&A unit is responsible for acquisitions, management consulting, and various corporate
capital investment and industry reorganizations. We are an independent domestic M&A consultant
and work with a few domestic and foreign venture capitalists focusing on the ownership and active
development of small and medium-sized domestic companies in various industries. We work
closely with the operational management of companies that are being sold or reorganized, as well
as venture capital companies. In this way, we create permanent and long-term value-added growth
through development and change in cooperation with private equity investors and financiers. We
also have a network of private equity investors consisting of domestic private investors, the
composition of which varies depending on the size and industry of the company or the scope of the

We advise our clients on all acquisitions and M&A issues in various areas, such as company pricing
and regulatory issues. We take care of the due diligence process. We prepare a thorough summary
of the sale and purchase target. The report covers all the necessary elements that are necessary
when deciding on a carefully prepared acquisition or merger.

Our cooperation network always includes e.g. lawyers specializing in acquisitions and taxation, as
well as a number of professionals in the fields of financial administration, taxation, accounting and

Our services are, as mentioned above, all aspects of the acquisition; advice to buyers and sellers,
various analyzes, estimates of prices and items, financial and tax advice, business development and
planning, drafting of contracts and, of course, the practical implementation of the entire acquisition
and reorganization, all the way to marketing.

Our team consists of skilled experts, most of whom have a special university degree and all of
whom also have strong experience in business management and / or entrepreneurship. Thanks to
their extensive experience and training base, our expert team is able to manage the most diverse
issues related to the acquisition, and the parties in our cooperation network help our team in their
own area of expertise. One of our key strengths is our co-operation network formed by several
expert groups.

We offer individualistic corporate finance consulting nationwide. Our independence from funding
sources guarantees you objective advice on all corporate arrangements.

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