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Nordic Icon Consulting Oy and Nordic Icon Group NG Oy team operates in Finland, providing
consulting services on the sale of investment apartment buildings. In the ever-growing market for
investment housing, we successfully advise on the construction of rental housing for various
construction companies.

We advise on the sale of investment blocks of flats and townhouses and various housing portfolios
on behalf of our investment clients throughout Finland, as well as building various forms of
housing production in key provincial cities and the metropolitan area of Helsinki. We serve both
sellers and buyers in the investment housing trade, i.e. we are also looking for the right product or
portfolio for you. Over the last 5 years we have consulted more than 20 residential apartment
buildings in various parts of provincial cities in Finland, mostly from developer to investor-buyer or
between two investors.

We can also offer plots suitable for housing construction from all over Finland. Our main areas of
interest are cities and municipalities with more than 10.000 inhabitants.

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