Nordicon – a real estate expert. 

Nordicon – Our experts.

Jussi Rautiola

Jussi Rautiola

CEO, Engineer

+358 50 552 4605

Administration, economy, finances,
general management and participation in the real estate business in Finland and the Baltic countries.


Arto Merisalo

Arto Merisalo

COO, Senior advisor

+358 50 552 4602 and

WhatsApp +358 40 733 1331 

Project and real estate development business, acquisition of real estate development projects and plots, corporate reorganizations and operational business management in
Finland, including the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) real estate development business in addition to its own operations, Arto’s second office is located in the parent company’s office in Tallinn. 





Erkki Pursiainen

Erkki Pursiainen

Director of real estate development, Senior advisor, Economist, Licensed real estate agent<br />

+358 50 595 9715 and +358 50 552 4601

Project and real estate development, customer relations and relationships with retail chains and logistics companies, sales and leases, domestic investor customers, corporate reorganizations, Finland.

Reijo Laakso

Reijo Laakso

Director, MBA, Investment transactions, Business consulting,<br /> M&A operations<br />

+358 40 055 0986 and +358 50 552 4603

Transactions, M&A, management and
business consulting, also participation
in the real estate development
business and real estate consulting.
Reijo also participates in the Baltic
operations (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).


Rainer Sourander

Rainer Sourander

Project Director, Senior advisor, Licensed real estate agent<br />

+358 44 540 9411

Project and real estate development, customer
relations, acquisition of real estate development sites and plots, leasing, corporate reorganizations, Finland and the Baltic
countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Rainer’s second workplace is located in the parent company’s office in Tallinn.


Tapani Yli-Saunamäki

Tapani Yli-Saunamäki

Director, Senior advisor, Public Relations

+358 40 089 6896

Real estate development projects and land acquisition, as well as corporate reorganizations in Finland, stakeholder and public relations.


Visiting- and postal address:

Business Park Kehämylly,
Vantaankoskentie 14,
01670 Vantaa,

Billing information:

Electrical invoicing options:

Nordic Icon Group NG Oy, verkkolaskuosoite 003722109963, operaattoritunnus 003721291126 (Maventa)

Nordic Icon Consulting Oy, verkkolaskuosoite 003729430645, operaattoritunnus ITELFIHH (Säästöpankit)

We ask to send paper invoices with post to:

Nordic Icon Consulting Oy or
Nordic Icon Group NG Oy

Business Park Kehämylly,
Vantaankoskentie 14,
01670 Vantaa


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